Wedding in the time of Covid-19

Amongst thousands and thousands of households, in a time of lockdown, undoubtedly harboring creative minds, we found Ashley and Paul, who were supposed to get married in May 2020.
We found them with their hearts filled with joy and excitement, as it was their big day.
But sadly all their plans were wiped out by this pandemic.
They managed to quickly make the most out of the situation and in a creative and fun way, they put together a tiny homemade wedding and asked us to be their helpers in capturing this unique celebration.
Witnesses were our cameras and their neighbours.
Inside No.48, on a computer screen, friends and family awaited to join them on a Zoom call.
This is how we saw a glorious Covid(pre) wedding.

By Adrienne Photography at 26 Aug 2020, 20:25 PM

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