Pre-Wedding shoot, Portsmouth

Quite a while ago we had the pleasure of meeting a sweet couple, Katie and Liam and recently, as we normally do, we were really happy to see them again for the pre-wedding shoot, as a precursor to their wedding in July 2015.

The location they picked for this, the same as the single location for their wedding, Katie's parents house and garden in Langston, Portsmouth on the beach, near the hayling Island. An amazing house surrounded by an enormous garden. This is the place they will place a marquee and spend the entire wedding day. They couldn`t have picked any other better venue.

The pre-wedding photo shoot went as smooth as can be, they were really happy and we were lucky enough to get a few patches of sunshine. They brought along a lovely picnic set, just to add some more coulour and atmosphere to the photography. We couldn't miss thei cute and playful little dog, which they joyfully chased around the garden and said he is thinking he is a human.

We noticed Katie had a small heart tattoo on her ankle and they confirmed Liam has the same exact tattoo on his ankle too. You can see them in a photo lower on the page. 

We continued on the water front, having an amazing array of character buildings as backdrop.

Enjoy the photos below!

By Adrienne Photography at 10 May 2015, 19:07 PM

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